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It Has To Be Kwok Wings

The Lee family have been in the Ethnic supermarket business and restaurant business in the 70’s. Our recipes originate from traditional family recipes from our restaurant in 1975. The aim was to make it more widely available and the family decided to start in the manufacturing business in the 80’s. The family originated making soy sauce and siu mai’s in Liverpool. Brenda Siu Mai’s brand is now known as Liverpool largest wholesale supplier for dim sum, more info http://www.baoxen.com.

If you are looking for a versatile chilli sauce then Kwok Wing Foods has the ideal product for your restaurant or those requiring homemade spiced up sauces. We are constantly surprised how people use our sauce and encourage everyone to submit their experiments and successes to our website or email.

The heritage of this product is a long one. Kwok Wing’s homemade Malaysian chilli sauce recipe was created back in the late 70’s by Raymond Tsang. Raymond had helped the Ng family make a homemade Singapore chilli sauce and later he improved the recipe relabelling it as Malaysian Special Chilli Sauce. Having created a passionate following it was obvious a family operation should be set up to sell this popular sauce. Kwok Wing has traded locally for more than three decades in Liverpool. The Port of Liverpool one of the oldest established Chinese communities in Europe. It was always a dropping off and entry point for spices and exotic ingredients from around the globe. It’s probably one of the main reason for the success of our famous chilli sauce. People took it with them as they travelled and the Kwok Wing brand travelled further afield and crossed many seas near and far.

Kwok Wing’s special chilli sauce recipe dominated the Chinese restaurants and supermarkets in the 80’s long before the foreign imports became popular in UK. In spite of the competition Kwok Wing’s chilli sauce is arguably the best Malaysian chilli sauce you will ever taste. The fledgling sauce business and the delicious recipe was acquired by a Lee family member later in its history. Kwok Wing Foods Limited was then formed in August 2007. The company have now extended it’s range of restaurant quality sauce. One of it’s latest popular sauces is the Crispy Duck Sauce. The supermarkets have different sweet hoi sin sauces and yellow bean sauces on their shelves. This is unique product and a ready to use authentic recipe from the restaurant that used on Britain’s Chinese favourite, Crispy Aromatic Duck with pancakes.

We have been providing Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Wales and Scotland with our sauce since then. If you haven’t used it in your restaurant yet it’s probably time you did.

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