Chilli Seafood Recipes

Malaysian Style Chili Noodles with Prawns


Washed large prawns

Kwoks Malaysian chili sauce

Egg noodles

Garlic to choice (preference is ½ a Garlic)

1 tbsp of soy sauce

Lemon or lime juice

½ cup of water

Chilled cucumber and a lettuce, preferably iceberg

Sprig of coriander for garnish

How to:

Chop the garlic finely

Sautéed the prawn for less than a minute – enough to make them dry

Add the garlic and stry until soft

Add a chopped chili for texture and/or to make very hot Add Kwoks Malaysian chilli sauce and stir making it into a ticklish glaze. If it over thickens add a tbsp of peanut oil

Flash the Egg Noodles in boiling water for a minute or two.

Less for noodles with a bite or longer for soft noodles.

I like to pan fry these in the sauce left from the prawns to pick up some flavour. and allow to cool – important as to not whilt the salad !.

Spread the lettuce on your dish.

I like to shredded carrot and slice spring onion. For colour and salad flavour.

Arrange the noodles in the middle on the salad.

Add the prawns and Chili sauce glaze.

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